January Meal Plan

Happy New Year!!!!

 I’ve made a change on the calendar! For those of you who have bigger families and don’t have enough leftovers to do 2 additional dinners, I’ve added an optional 5th meal to the week. You’ll find these on Saturday and marked with an *. The shopping list for these additional meals can be found at the bottom of the regular list.  I won’t be making these as part of my meal plan so they aren’t included in my $100 a month budget.  But in case you need them, here they are!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      1 Happy New Year! 2 Grilled Chicken 
Caesar Salad
3 Zucchini 
4 Left Overs OR Chicken Lo Mein*
5 Family Dinner 6 Loaded Baked 
Potato Chicken
7 White Bean, 
Spinach soup
8 Left Overs 9 Ham Broccoli 
10 Chili & Corn 
11 Left Overs OR Teriyaki Chicken & Rice*
12 Family Dinner 13 Beef Noodles 14 Chicken Noodle Soup 15 Left Overs 16 Bean Burritos  17 Garlic Chicken Pizza 18 Left Overs OR Sloppy Joe Sandwiches*
19 Family Dinner 20 Split Pea Soup with Ham (SC) 21 Swedish Meatballs 22 Left Overs 23 Breakfast for dinner 24 Taco Roll Ups 25 Left Overs OR Cowboy Casserole*
26 Family Dinner 27 Italian Casserole 
28 Cheesy Southwest Egg Bake 29 Left Overs 30 Oven Baked Tacos 31 Spicy Chicken Pizza Roll Ups  

January Shopping List

Happy New Year!! I hope it’s a great year for you!

January Meal Plan

3 thoughts on “January Meal Plan

    • A lot of these recipes make 6-8 servings. That is double what our family needs. Some meals are smaller and we don’t have leftovers. You’ll see on the calendar that there are always 2 dinners before a leftover day. We always have enough leftovers for at least 1 dinner. If there is more than that, I send them with my husband for lunch at work. If we don’t have enough leftovers, he gets 2 sandwiches and a couple of snacks to tide him over throughout the day.

      You can also add to a meal to make the main dish go farther! A side of veggies, a salad, fruit, applesauce, bread–things like that so you don’t need to have more than 1 serving of the main dish (which usually costs more than any of those things).

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