Fabulous Friday: POGO Pass!

This is a post for you people that live in Arizona!

Have you guys heard of the POGO Pass??? 

Without going on and on, basically when you buy a year Pogo Pass are buying a pass that gets you access to multiple places for a certain number of times!! 

While normally I lineup meals for you, here’s a great lineup of really fun family outings and dates for you! Typically this card is $99 which is still a fantastic deal BUT not very affordable to buy everyone in your family a $100 card (each person 3+ will need their own pass). Because you are a reader, you can get this amazing card for only $39.98 per card when you use the promo code LINEUP at checkout. There are 15 venues now & over $1500 in value so that is a huge savings.

Here is a list of venues that are included with the pass with the number of visits included:

  • Sunsplash-1
  • Sea Life Aquarium-2
  • Brunswick Bowling – 2 games a week for the entire year!
  • Rattlers Games-3
  • Diamondbacks Games-2
  • Tempe Paintball-12
  • Stratum Laser Tag-2
  • Jumpstreet-2
  • AZ Museum of Natural History-2 (My son LOVES the “dinosaur museum”)
  • Phoenix Zoo-2
  • National Comedy Theatre-6 (seriously this place is my husband and my favorite place to go on a date)
  • Enchanted Island-4
  • ASU Sports-multiple
  • Phoenix Rock Gym-2

SO! If interested, go to www.pogopass.com and buy your discounted card today! To get your card at 60% off use this code at checkout: LINEUP

Get a POGO pass for only $39.98 with our special promo code: LINEUP

Get a POGO pass for only $39.98 with our special promo code: LINEUP