May Meal Plan

This month  I included several recipes for the slow cooker and the grill so you don’t have to heat up your kitchen. (You can use your oven if you really want.)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        1 Loaded Chicken
Potato Skillet 
2 Chips and
Cheese Chili 
3 Left Overs
4 Family
5 Beef Tacos (SC)  6 Chicken and Wild
Rice Casserole
7 Left Overs 8 Taco Salad(use leftover meat) 9 Pizza 10 Left Overs
11 Mother’s Day 12 Stacked Roasted
Veggie Enchiladas
13 Chicken w/
White Beans
14 Left Overs 15 Broccoli
Cheddar Quiche
16 Chili 17 Left Overs
18 Family
19 Beef Burritos
(use leftover meat)
20 Lemon Chicken Skewers 21 Left Overs 22 Spinach Cheese 
Egg Souffle
23 SouthWestern
Chicken Packets
24 Left Overs
25 Family
26 Hamburgers 27 Grilled Chicken 
Cordon Bleu
28 Left Overs 29 Garlic Chicken
Broccoli Pasta
30 Black Bean Burger 31 Left Overs
Here’s the May Shopping List
Don’t forget to download your printable calendar!
May Image

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