One Awesome Solution to “Mom! I’m Bored!!”





It’s summer time! School’s out, kids are home, and it’s too hot for them to play outside. I’m sure we’re all starting to hear the second most dreaded phrase “Mom! I’m bored!!” (the first is “what’s for dinner?”). Of course they have to say it with a whiny voice too.  Are you going nuts yet?

There are so many neat things to do here in the valley but really the costs add up fast. Sunsplash is great but a 1 day ticket is $30! Sealife is awesome but that’s more than $10. Diamond Backs games are great too (especially with their air conditioned stadium 🙂 ).  That’s why you should get a Pogo Pass! It gets you into lots of venues for free after you buy the pass. Normally they are about $100 but because you readers are awesome, you can use the code “LINEUP” at checkout and get it for only $39.98.  Each pass contains $1500 worth of admissions! That is a huge savings!!

So get your Pogo Passes and put an end to summer boredom!

(Each member of your family 3+ will need their own pass)

Pogo Pass


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